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Sobremesa Colorado

Gathering at the Red Colored Table

Sobremesa Colorado literally translated means “over the red colored table” or “red table top”.  The tradition of “sobremesa” is hanging out after a meal with friends and family, relaxing and enjoying each other.  At Sobremesa Colorado, we hope to bring that tradition to your table.

Sobremesa Colorado Updates

Mission Statements


Sustainable Agriculture

  • Organic Farming Techniques

  • Building and maintaining healthy soil.

  • Managing water wisely through conservation.

  • Promoting biodiversity.

  • Applying Integrated Pest Management.


Small Scale Family Run Farm

  • Fruits are allowed to fully ripen on the trees for better flavors.

  • Locally grown and sold providing a fresh from the farm taste.

  • Renew a link between the food people eat and the farming community they support.

  • Stimulate local economy.


Promote Pollinators

  • Conservation of biological diversity in ecosystem.

  • Enhance habitat with natural plants and additional nest sites.

  • Restoration of plant diversity within and around crop fields.

  • Maintain uncultivated land along field margins.

Get in Touch

13599 2600 Road, Cedaredge CO 81413


Still in the works

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